Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woodstock officer suspended for 30 days

The Woodstock Board of Fire and Police Commissioners met this afternoon at 5:00PM at City Hall to accept a deal worked out between Woodstock Police Chief Robert Lowen and Officer Mitchell J. Falat that imposes a 30-day unpaid suspension on Officer Falat.

Neither Ofc. Falat nor his attorney appeared today.

The Agreed Disciplinary Order, already signed by Ofc. Falat, was presented to the Board, and it voted to accept it without discussion and without the need to go into executive session. The chief's charge against Ofc. Falat was violation of a no-contact order issued to Ofc. Falat on February 19. Ofc. Falat was to have no contact with a married, female resident in Woodstock.

In response to questions after the meeting whether the Board was aware of a Temporary Order of Protection obtained by Ofc. Falat on June 9 against that female, in which he identified the dating relationship as "boyfriend/girlfriend", and whether the police department had investigated the truthfulness of the statements made in the request for the OP, City Attorney Rich Flood responded that the OP had been investigated.

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Gus said...

The following comment was received by email from "bored777", who had difficulty posting the comment directly:

"That is bullshit.....There are people out there who know the truth about this incident....and when attempts to contact Chief Lowen were made, they fell on deaf ears...Falat stalked that woman and it can be proved...another Woodstock cover up...look for this officer on Lake Ave. at Benoy's storage unit when she works out at the health club; look for him at Wal-mart when she goes there; and look for him at Ryder's Woods when she goes to church....Shame, Chief Lowen. Shame on know the truth."