Thursday, August 20, 2009

Incumbent has $100,000+ in warchest

Cal Skinner's McHenry County Blog ( reports that incumbent Republican Sheriff Nygren has $122,712.48 in his campaign fund as of June 30, 2009.

Why would a local politician for a County office have so much money on hand? And why is he holding a $40/plate fundraiser on September 10 to raise even more money?

What happens to money in a campaign fund when the officeholder stops playing the political game and decides to retire? For good, I mean. Does he get to keep the money to play with as he sees fit? Does it become taxable money (income) as he spends it on non-political, personal items?

Maybe a politician should be prohibited from amassing a warchest well in excess of reasonable expenses for a current election and be allowed only to accumulate funds until all election expenses have been paid. At a certain date after an election and payment of expenses, maybe money should be returned to contributors on a pro-rata basis.

What are your thoughts about the "relief and retirement account" called a campaign fund?

Why do people continue to kick in more money when there is already a sizable pot of gold available for advertising and signs?


Private said...

They keep the money pure and simple. Illinois law allows them to retain the money and yes they pay taxes on the money at their regular tax rate. Why people continue to donate to local politicians that run unopposed is beyond me. They might as well enclose some money and send it as a Christmas gift.

DA said...


That is about $122,712.44 more than you have raised, right gus?

Philip said...

People make those donations as a way to "hedge". Keepin' good with the "Cell Phone Sheriff" is a priority with some folks. Don't know why, but that's the way it is.

Frank said...

I say Gus for Sheriff and Zane for UnderSheriff!!!!


DA said...

See Gus! You now have a built in excuse for getting annihilated while running for sheriff! "If I had the money he had, I would have won hands down!"

Karen12359 said...

What was your excuse DA?