Friday, August 14, 2009

The right healthcare-for-all plan

Want to vote in an interesting poll, sponsored by Bill Scheurer, Green Party candidate for Melissa Bean's current seat in Congression?

Please vote in his “Congressional Healthcare For All” poll, and pass it on: (you must log into Facebook to vote)

“Should the American People be able to choose the same healthcare program as Congress gives to itself, the administration, and all other federal employees -- all of whom work for us?”

Whether we are “for” or “against” current healthcare reform proposals, we can all agree on this.

It sweeps away concerns about pre-existing conditions, benefits definitions, “donut holes” and everything else they leave us to struggle with while giving themselves the premier healthcare everyone deserves.


ace said...

Obama said himself that we should have the same health care as they do. Guess what, as with everything hes said, he lied, it wont happen.

DA said...

The green party is supporting Gus for Sheriff. That is all I need to know in order to ignore any other candidates they support.