Friday, August 21, 2009

Deputy had Dalby flash drive

The transcript of the June 1, 2009 sentencing hearing of Amy Dalby by Judge Joseph Condon in People v. Amy L. Dalby makes for some very interesting reading. She had already pled guilty to "computer tampering" and was in court for sentencing.

On Page 16 of the transcript Special Prosecutor David O'Connor, in addressing the Court, said, "It was at this meeting that the Defendant gave an off-duty Sheriff's deputy, who was working on behalf of the political campaign, the flash drive that contained all the data that was removed from the McHenry State's Attorney's office." And O'Connor said, "...the flash drive that the Defendant gave the off-duty Sheriff's Deputy that contained all the State's Attorney computer data has now according to that off-duty Sheriff's Deputy has (sic) allegedly been lost."

So, the unnamed deputy (weren't they nice to omit his or her name?) came into possession of information stolen from the State's Attorney's office in October 2007 at that DeKalb meeting (Dalby was a student at NIU) and he (or she) didn't turn it in?

The hearing transcript refers to 5,000 pages of data (Page 17) taken from the State's Attorney's office on that flash drive. If that deputy was working on the political campaign, it seems to me that he would have known or suspected what the flash drive contained, when it was given to him.

What kind of law enforcement do we have in McHenry County? Even the newest, youngest deputy ought to understand that possession of stolen information is a crime and that it is his obligation to turn over evidence in a crime that "happens" to come into his possession.

But wait! There was at least one more deputy involved. On Page 17 of the transcript, O'Connor continues, "To underscore that this has a lot more to do with politics rather than corruption was at least two off-duty sheriff deputies working on behalf of the campaign played the role at various times in transferring this computer data to others for campaign related purposes."

The claim throughout the hearing by Dalby's defense was that she did not know she was committing a crime by taking data off an office computer. O'Connor called that "disingenuous."

O'Connor was kind in court. Any third grader knows that you don't take things that don't belong to you.

Dalby got off easy when Judge Condon sentenced her to court supervision until June 1, 2010, a $400 fine and court costs. No community service. No other conditions. She doesn't even have to go back to court, if she is in compliance.

In compliance with what? Is there an "understanding" that compliance means staying out of trouble? What kind of "trouble"? But it wasn't defined by the court, as it often is. So it looks like all she has to do is pay her fine and court costs and keep breathing until June 1.

Will the two off-duty sheriff's deputies be identified? Will they be charged with possession of stolen material? Or will all this just fall off the radar screen?


Zane said...

For the last year or so I have been reading this blog but never posted, I have to know...

You have written several artices talking about MCSD deputies and their misconduct. Drunk supervisors battered a woman, deputy follows woman to work to give tickets, Pavlins get beat up by deputies, drunk corrections officer bashes cars, correction officers doing inappropriate things to inmates, Undersheriff's incompetence puts Gauger on death row, deputies illegally perform traffic stop on Rt. 31, Captain wants to crucify and castrate, minorities being targeted, deputies not showing up in court, conditions at the jail during ICE visit, Nygren away in Florida and Wisconsin, and now you are reporting this.

I wish I could see these transcripts. What you are saying is that two MCSD deputies were involved in the theft of 5000 pages of goverment documents and then lost them? That these deputies were involved in criminal activities in order to help Dan Regna? Have these deputies been investigated? Why haven't we heard this before? This is getting to be too much! I hope you are making this up.

Gus said...

Except for the "Nygren away in Florida and Wisconsin", which I've heard about several times but have not personally observed, that was a good re-cap of my writings about the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

The 5,000 pages were on a flash drive, not printed out. I would be happy to show you the transcript, to save your having to buy one. The 55-page transcript is the work of Heather Voska Hartwig, CSR. We can meet at 3 Brothers or any place out of town, if you have concerns about being seen with me.

I've got the name of one of the two deputies; working on getting the second name.

GeneL said...

The sheriff investigates and disciplines an off duty deputy for something said in a bar about another deputy , but does not even investigate two deputies involved in the theft of 5000 confidential files from the SA's office that could compromise ongoing investigations and upcoming trials. The sheriff could call the state police if he needs the names. Is it because the sheriff was involved with Regna's campaign? I'm sure people remember the pictures of Regna in the sheriff's office. Using an office paid for by taxpayers for political purposes (not even his campaign) seems wrong also. Maybe they were discussing the stolen data when the photos were taken. How did Regna get a camera in the courthouse?, special treatment? Maybe if the sheriff would investigate deputies involved in crimes against the SA's office, then the SA would stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Any half truths in the court transcript DA or QWA. I think there are also a couple of lawyers that should be disbarred and maybe do some time.

Zane said...

Where are all the deputies on this one. Come on guys. Defend this one!!

Private said...

Witness or is it Sir Pumkin. I've read the posts you make and those of others. Why do you dislike the people at the Sheriff Dept so bad? (Especially some that you constaly mention by name)

I've read about your situation and as far as I can tell they are better off without you.

I have any friends that are cops and none has anything positive to say about you. Presuming you are SirPumkin reincarnated as the WITNESS.

Zane said...

We got them all turned around. Never know who you can trust. Makes it hard doesn't it? I'm waiting for an answer to Witness' question.