Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sheriff's name on department vehicles

I have just loved how so many people have taken up the issue of whether the (any?) sheriff's name ought to be on a sheriff's department vehicle.

It has been a tradition. It utilizes subliminal programing. You see "Nygren" (or the name of any other sheriff) so many times that you are mesmerized into voting for him when you see his name on the ballot.

The issue is not the removal of the name of the current sheriff or the money saved by painting on a new name.

The issue is that the County Sheriff is the agent of the People. And for that, knowing that the sheriff is the agent, it's not necessary to have his name or my name or any sheriff's name on any County-owned vehicle!

But you all already knew that.


GeneL said...

How come the sheriff drives an unmarked white tahoe with regular IL license plates. He doesn't even have his name on his own vehicle, and no sheriff plates. Is this so he can drive it to his house in upper WI without drawing attention. Use taxpayer supplied vehicle and gas for vacation? Deputies can't even take their squads out of the county without permission ( or job related). I'm suprised the squads don't say "VOTE NYGREN or else". He could have solid flat hubcaps with his face on them, maybe spinners. How about a large walrus head coming out of the front grill. When the deputies go on calls they could register voters, and then have them fill out absentee ballots. No cost to the taxpayer should be spared to assure re-election.

Frank said...

So should every public official remove their name from all letterhead too? You know the SA's Office and Circuit Clerk put their name on stuff too. Why don't you check the little green form you got with your citation?

Gus said...

GeneL, I'll put that Tahoe into appropriate Departmental service or get rid of it. If it is not used for undercover service, why would it have regular passenger plates on it?

How far up in Wisconsin is the "summer palace"?

Gus said...

Frank, yes. Absolutely yes!

The "Office" should have stationery that includes the physical address, direct-dial main telephone number, fax number and website.

The electronic signature for every employee should include the name, title, rank, direct-dial extension, email addressand fax number, if different.

Stationery doesn't have to be engraved, not even for Number 1, unless he wants to pay for it personally.

Troy said...

Nygren has a quaint little MILLION dollar cabin in Minocqua WS. The taxpayers pay for his gas up there and back in his decked out leather seated fully apportioned Tahoe. Oh did you know he has a gas card for the trip back if he drives around up there too much.

He also has a place in Florida when the winters get to cold in Minocqua. Heaven knows he doesn't spend much time here. TRy and find anyone on a FRIDAY....the Captains are gone and the Undersheriff is OUT to a Meeting and probably won't be back.

Everyone laughed how the previous Under Sheriff was gone most the time golfing.

Putting names on everything was always a CROOK county thing,but Nygren has such an ego he must try to play like the crooks in Cook.

Look at the cost to remark the vehicles when he leaves office.

QuitWhiningAlready said...

I know of very few larger agencies that have marked units for officers with the rank of Lt. and above, and the use of regular passenger plates is mainstream, as well. Do some comparison shopping with other agencies, Gus. Kane, and Lake and Cook Counties. See what they've got.

GeneL said...

Minocqua, WI, 293 miles from Woodstock, 5 hours per mapquest.

Troy said...

The rank and file deputies DO NOT support Nygren and hate the way he plays politics. Sheriff's anywhere should not be able to put their names on publicly owned vehicles and property. This guy has no shame.

QuitWhiningAlready said...

Would the rank and file deputies support Gus?

Troy said...

Isn't it funny, The Sheriff takes HIS Tahoe out of the State and drives on the taxpayers dime, but a deputy can't save some money and live in Boone County and still drive his car.

Private said...

QuitWhiningAlready asks "Would the rank and file deputies support Gus?"

NEVER in a MILLION YEARS. Gus does not know the law and has too many agendas. Gus has taken too many shots at good deputies that work hard. Nygren at least knows the law and has experience.He just doesn't use it to our favor. The deputies just hate to see the department made to look like we are patronage servants of Nygren. Deputies are COUNTY employees and are afforded numerous protections against incluiding the FOP. Nygren makes his promotions and assignments smell to the high heavens but as Sheriff as long as you pass the promotional tests HE and HE alone can promote. Just like Nygren's name on everything and his political fund raiser parties that everyone gets hats with the Sheriff LOGO. He has hurt morale and dimmishes the position of deputy. Hopefully someone with a good background runs against him and wins. BUT sorry, NOT YOU GUS.

QuitWhiningAlready said...

Hmm...I already made this comment, but evidently it isn't showing up on the blog. I don't recall anyone definitively saying that Sheriff Nygren drives his Tahoe up north to Wisconsin. GeneL asked it rhetorically in an earlier comment. So unless someone can give dates, times and something a bit more substantial to back it up, it's worthless in my opinion.

Yet here we are, comments and posts flying with the insinuation that this is FACT.