Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why campaign expenses in Florida?

On August 20th I wrote and questioned why Keith Nygren would be holding a $40/plate fundraiser, when he already had $122,000 in his campaign warchest.

Cal Skinner explains the drain on the warchest in the first six months of 2009 in today's article on http://www.mchenrycountyblog.com/ Cal's blog is worth daily reading!

Heretofore, I have refrained from using the term "cell phone sheriff" for Keith Nygren but, after looking at the listed expenses and seeing so many Florida charges at different times, I now wonder, as others apparently have for some time, how he can spend so much time in Florida and still run the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Just what "campaign" is Nygren running in Florida that he would expend campaign funds in this manner, as quoted in Cal's article:

1/13, 3/12 and 5/6 campaign gifts, Harry & David, Estero, Fla. $365.68
1/13 and 4/3 campaign meal, Cape Coral, Fla. $176.96
1/13 and 4/3 campaign beverages, Fort Myers, Fla. $496.41
3/12 campaign meal, Bonita Springs, Fla. $380.67
4/2 donation to Duke University. At Cape Coral, Fla. $250.00
4/3 campaign meal, Fort Myers, Fla. $272.45
4/22 campaign gifts, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. $172.50
5/6 campaign meal, Fort Myers, Fla. $562.86

Assuming he was present at each of the "campaign meals", then he was in Florida in January, March, April and May.

And AT&T cell phone bill, $523.57 [Correction 8/26/09. This is the total of six months' cell phone bills, not each month.] Is the campaign cell phone used only for the campaign, or is this phone used for "running" the Sheriff's Department from Florida?

Several local charges were made on the same date as charges in Florida, including large liquor purchases on 1/13 at Armanetti's in Woodstock for $217.50 and on the same date at Cardinal Wines & Liquors for $254.25. Note the substantial expenditures in Florida on the same date.

It surely would be interesting to see itemized receipts for those meals and liquor purchases, revealing the names of the diners present and the campaign purpose of these expenses.


Cal Skinner said...

The cell phone bill is for the entire six months. I added up the monthly charges, which were approximately the same.

GeneL said...

Anybody who gives this guy more money so he can pig out at Ruths Chris steakhouse in Florida is a moron.

Philip said...

Gus? Will you have a campaign HQ in Florida too? Or in Wisconsin?
The joke's on you: It's a multi-state race! And you thought this would be easy...
In all seriousness, why in the hell is our County Sheriff expending campaign dollars on booze? Is this the only way he can get people interested in him? By getting them liquored up?
I guess I can't use the term "Cell Phone Sheriff" either.
I'll just call him "Sheriff Otis".

Another Lawyer said...

Gee, spending $250 at Armanetti's is a lot? Guess I am going to have to cut back. I can drop $250 for a small backyard party with friends VERY EASILY.

Anonymous said...

I dont spend nearly that amount on Propofol.