Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ATM skimmers in Park Ridge

A reader called my attention to www.consumerist.com and information about a July ATM skimming in Park Ridge, Ill. If you can't get to the information via this link, http://consumerist.com/5338213/atm-skimmer-ring-hits-chicago-suburbs, go to www.consumerist.com and search for "Park Ridge."

Remember how safe it used to be to go to an ATM, pop in your card, grab your cash, and go?

Now, someone else may grab your cash and go. That particular customer was lucky; the bank reimbursed her for her loss.

If you have questions about the safety of the ATMs you use, talk to your own bank. Find out in advance about reimbursement policies. They'll have them. The policy might be "We don't." Find out ahead of time.

There is also good information there about cars sold by Enterprise Rent-A-Car system. Some 2006-08 Chevrolets Impalas were purchased without airbags, to save $175/car. Airbags were not installed when the cars were sold, and the buyers were not informed that the vehicles had no airbags. How would you like to be driving around in a car with no airbag?

Next time you rent from Enterprise, ask them if the airbag works. Note the response on the contract before the pages are separated.

Many thanks to the reader who provided the alert about that good website.

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