Monday, August 3, 2009

Farmers Market - cooking demo

Don't forget tomorrow's farmers market on the Woodstock Square.

And on Saturday, August 8, the chefs of Pirro's Restaurante will provide a live (how else would it be?) cooking demonstration in the Square, in front of the bandstand. Beginning at 10:30AM they will prepare and offer samples of locally-grown produce from - where else? - the vendors at the Farmers Market!

Saturday, 8AM - 1 PM. Tuesdays? Same hours.

My thanks to Dave, of Le Petite Marche in Crystal Lake. The German rye bread was great! And thanks for your friendliness and your invitation to come back. You surely don't hear that in many stores.

If you haven't voted yet for the Woodstock Farmers Market, go to before Sept. 17. Our local market could win $5,000. Why let a prize like that get away?

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