Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pedestrians/joggers in the streets

Seventy-three readers participated in the survey on the question, "Should WPD ticket pedestrians & joggers in roadways illegally?" OK, so this was a trick question.

Yes 41 (56%)
No 32 (44)

The trick word there was "illegally". Many Woodstock joggers and pedestrians run or walk in the street in a manner that is clearly illegal; e.g., when there is a sidewalk, the pedestrian (or jogger) is to be on the sidewalk, not in the street.

How many times have you had to slow, then pull around, a pedestrian or jogger in the street where there was an adjacent sidewalk?

Some of our young "gangstas" walk in the street, four-five abreast and in the direction of traffic flow, as if they own the street. You'll recognize them - baggy clothes, pants hanging down below their hips, caps on sideways, dark clothing (even at night).

If police even just made a "contact" with them, ID'ed them, explained that they are to walk (or run) out of the street, that might save an accident, injury or even a fatality.

Thanks to the 73 who participated!


STFU said...

What a stupid waste of time...

ace said...

What are you so afraid of Sheriff Gus? Why don't you contact them and tell them to not walk in the streets. Be a role model and prove that you can tackle the crime in this county instead of sending out minions to take care your tedious complaints. Let me know how that goes and if you leave untouched!

Frank said...

I have seen the police warn people for walking in the street and know someone's son who was cited.