Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great service at Office Depot

Today I was shopping for an ink cartridge refill for a nice, old Waterman fountain pen. Hey, I can see the questions coming now... What's a fountain pen? Who still uses a fountain pen? May I borrow your fountain pen? (No)

I stopped in at Office Depot in Woodstock, just near the DMV. A customer service fellow there was very helpful and led me back to the pen and refill section, where we did not find what I wanted.

And so what did he do? He suggested I try Knuth's! Imagine that!!!

On the way out I passed a sale basket full of little pouches for cameras, cell phones and other small objects. All on sale. Most, if not all, on sale for $3.00.

So I just had to add the pictured bag to my collection of mostly unused small bags. It's a $30.00 Foray camera bag, also on sale for $3.00.

Hurry on over to Office Depot in Woodstock. There is still a good selection.

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