Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Voters don't hired elected County officials

"DA" posted a comment to another article here which read, in part, (addressed to a reader who had posted a comment),

"Are you serious? You have to be joking, right? What do you think an election IS?? You are APPLYING for a job and the voters are the ones that HIRE you! Is that too high a concept for you to understand?"

In what country do you think DA lives? Any care to guess?

Voters elect officials; they don't "hire" them. If they "hired" then, then they could fire them. Elected State officials have ruled that one out.


DA said...

I know your propensity to see only what you want to see Gus, so I will make allowances for it. Let me explain it really slow so that even YOU can understand it. Well, that is asking a lot, but I will try...

When you run for office, what are you doing? You are going to the voters (the ones that decide who to give the employment contract to) and trying to convince them that you are the best person for the job. You interview with them, trying to show what you will do better than the other people running for the same job. If you convince enough voters that you are the best person for the job, then they vote to hire you. If you do not, then they hire the other guy. Whoever gets the most votes, gets the employment contract.

As for your statement that people don't get fired from elected offices, I guess you missed the whole Illinois Governor thing? Yes, it is hard to break "the contract" that you give the elected person by voting them into office (fire them), but it can and has been done.

Harry B. said...

He's losing it. Be carful Gus.

Gus said...

Thanks, Harry B. "DA" has been identified, and he just keeps throwing more wood on the fire.

Thanks for your words of caution.