Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seipler - Republican candidate for Sheriff

Cal Skinner's McHenry County Blog ( broke the story earlier this evening that Zane Seipler, of Woodstock, has announced his candidacy for Sheriff of McHenry County. Zane will be a candidate in the Republican primary on February 2, 2009.

Zane has a strong record of opposing "business as usual" at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Since joining the Department he has observed many questionable practices and has not been quiet about them.

Zane's service as a deputy sheriff ended last October, when his termination was approved at a meeting of the McHenry County Sheriff's Merit Commission, which itself was an illegal meeting under the Illinois Open Meetings Act. He has a legal action underway to regain his job, and he expects the termination to be overturned.

For information about Zane's campaign, check out and "Supporters of Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff" on Facebook. Zane can be reached by telephone at (847) 561-1180 and by email at

Good luck, Zane!


ace said...

Frank, where is there a website that lists your qualifications? Finally an opposition with credentials, may not agree with him but atleast its not done on a whim.

Gus said...

ace, when the real race begins, my interest, qualifications, reasons for running will be right out front.

The first step is to collect sufficient valid signatures to be on the Primary ballot.

The second step is to win the Primary in the party in which I'm running.

Anything before that is wasted breath, energy and money.

ace said...

You wont show any because there are none!

DA said...

So, let me get this want people to put you on the ballot WITHOUT knowing anything about your qualifications and only THEN will you disclose your qualifications?

Even YOU must see that as backwards thinking. Good luck with that gameplan!

Philip said...

Yippee!Yippee! A GOP Primary!
My question: Is Zane a strong enough threat to "Cell Phone Sheriff" to make him spend gobs o' dough out of his $122,000 war-chest?