Friday, August 14, 2009

Survey - smoking on the Square

In a recent survey of readers, this question was asked, “Should Woodstock ban smoking on City sidewalks on the Square?”

Of the 70 readers who responded, 57 (81%) said “No.”
The remaining 13 (19%) said “Yes.”

Well, folks, it is the way the majority wants it.


Frank said...

Smoking is not an illegal act. Tobacco is not an illegal substance. Why would they be prohibited on a public sidewalk?

Gus said...

Why is smoking prohibited in a public buildling, a restaurant and within 15 feet of a building entrance?

DA said...

The same reason that they do not allow guns to be sold near schools. It is called common sense.

Someone on a public sidewalk smoking bothers you, walk away. A lot harder to do so while inside a building or while eating at a restaurant or driving in a cab.

I am not a smoker and dislike the smoke. That does not mean I want to totally eliminate a smokers rights to smoke. If it does not radically intrude on my rights to be smoke free to allow them to continue smoking, then let them do it.

People get annoyed with Gus taking pictures of them in public. Should that be outlawed also?

Frank said...

I am NOT a smoker and am strongly against it. However I don't think the state should have been able to put the law in place prohibiting it in privately owned buildings/businesses. For example, if I own a bar in town it should be MY choice if I want to allow people to smoke tobacco in my establishment. If they don't want to be around something I allow in my bar they could go to a bar that does not allow smoking.
On the other hand, places people MUST go in order to conduct their business (IE:City Hall, Post Office, Public Library, Police Department, ETC.) smoking should be prohibited.
My point here is if I personally own the business it should be my choice what I allow to take place in there. As long is the thing taking place is not illegal all on its own. I hope you get my point here. BIG BROTHER is watching!

Gus said...

Yes, indeed, Frank. BB is watching.

I agree. A business owner should be able to control smoking in his own establishment. And then you and I will choose whether to be a customer there.