Saturday, August 15, 2009

Survey - text and drive

A recent survey asked readers to respond to the following question, “Do you text and drive?”

The results were:

All the time? 15 (21%)
Occasionally? 28 (38%)
Never? 30 (41%)

Of the 73 who voted (thanks, Readers!), 41% said they never do.

This leaves 59% who text all the time or at least occasionally.

So, as you drive, keep a careful eye on all that is happening around you, especially approaching you head-on or following you as you approach a traffic light or stop sign.

Learn about Illinois’ next “don’t text” law.


Ray said...

Now, what we need is PSA like this one...then again it would be upsetting the balance that natural selection provides. Ouch..was that too harsh...??

Gus said...

WARNING. The YouTube video in the above link is graphic. Anyone who drives and texts should watch it and understand exactly how serious driving while distracted is.

Have your young drivers watch it - perhaps several times. Warn them not to text while driving AND not ride with a driver who is texting.

Thanks, Ray.