Friday, August 5, 2016

This attorney is sickening

The Chicago Tribune is showing now the dashcam and bodycam recordings of CPD cops involved in the attempted capture of car thief Paul O'Neal, age 18 on July 28. O'Neal was shot while eluding Chicago cops in a stolen Jaguar on Chicago's southside.

Says O'Neal family attorney Michael Oppenheimer, "Paul's O'Neal's Constitutional rights were violated in the most egregious way. Officers played judge, jury and executioner to decide their own sense of justice."

What kind of puke is Attorney Oppenheimer? He's just putting on a good show for the family. You can expect Rahm Emanuel and Chicago to cave in and fork over $4,-5,000,000. And Oppenheimer will walk away with 40%. Pretty good payday for a big mouth on TV.

The attorney and the family watched "the execution of their loving son..." I guess he wouldn't be the family's attorney very long if he told them, "Your son was a criminal. That's what happens when you do stupid stuff."

And the idiot female reporter for CBS-TV in Chicago stressed in her report that O'Neal was "unarmed". She went on to say that all three officers involved "were stripped of their powers..."  What kind of stupid is that reporter? CBS-TV should immediately fire Audrina Bigos!!!

And be sure to read the dumb statement by the CPD Independent Police Review Authority. The jerk in charge of that ought to be fired!

Let's see, O'Neal was a car thief. He tried to run down cops. He was driving a stolen car. He fled on foot. Yeah, that family lost a "loving son." Sure they did...

Rahm Emanuel will never halt crime by punks in Chicago with that kind of leadership.

How about trying this on for size? "You don't commit crimes. You don't get shot."


Big Daddy said...

Policing in Chicago is dead Gus. Dead. Most of the citizens, because of the incompetent and agenda driven newsmedia there, have turned against the Police. They now support the thugs,the gangsters. It's done. Stick a fork in it and move on. I never subscribed to the "Chicago is the next Detroit" theory but now I don't see how that cannot come true.

Gus said...

Reporting by the Chicago Tribune hit a new low with the main article about the release of the tapes. The City might as well cut a $5,000,000 check right now and hand it over without a fight.

Former Chicagoan said...

You have to admit, shooting a young man in the back running away minutes later after the car chase is almost as cool as it might get for a cop. The shot of them about 12-15 of the police cuffing him up and twisting his still alive shoulders and thumb twist, elbow bend and wrist straining would look good on cops but he is shot, in distress and dying. From his due actions yet if his neighbor shot him in the back could also justifiably get Valentine massacred like this , but having a badge and saying he bumped your car escaping (as even a caucasian car thief would)makes an assassination like this fun for whitey to comment on. I lived on the Southeast side not far from the crime and live in Mchenry County. rapists and murderers are walking and talking while property cops kill to protect an old Buick. Hell they will even call it a win in the stat book. BTW, as told to me by law enforcement, some of the drive-bys are done by cops having fun and getting away with it.

Gus said...

Former Chicagoan, I challenge you to post your name and to name any cop who is involved in a drive-by. You won't do either. So, making a statement like you did is worthless.
I don't know any cop who thinks it's "cool" to shoot anyone. For some, even a justifiable shooting is a career-ender and the cause of years of PTSD.
O'Neal didn't "bump" anyone's car. He side-swiped at least one and crashed head-on, hard, into the last. Since he hit it head-on, I wonder whether he was wounded before he hit the last squad.
The investigation should determine whose bullets hit him in what parts of his body.

Big Daddy said...

former chicagoan's post is so stupid and ill informed that it doesn't even warrant a rebuttal.