Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drink up. It's Prim Time

Did you see Bill Prim's first ad for his re-election campaign?

Really great. Right? Is he trying to drum up a little business for the county's DUI officers?

Who do you suppose is advising him? The left-over deputies from the Nygren regime? As I recall, a number of them had a lot of experience with steins and schooners, especially at the old Red Mill in Woodstock and at that tavern out on Washington Street near Highway 14.

Is there a better theme for a fundraiser than drinking yourself under the table, trying to get your money's worth?

Prim's invitation suggests it's a celebration of his mid-term successes. Just what "successes" has he had since becoming Sheriff? Any? It seems to me that he has kept a very low profile and avoids the news. I always thought he ought to re-open the Feldkamp/Bloom case and conduct a through investigation of the crime. It certainly wasn't done the first time around.

Wouldn't it be nice if McHenry County had a sheriff like Sheriff David E. Clarke, Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisc. or Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona or any one of other Arizona sheriffs or sheriffs in the South who are willing to stand up and speak out about preservation of Second Amendment rights and protection of the USA?

Do you know how many illegal aliens there are in McHenry County? 10,-12,000 maybe? What is Prim doing about taking them into custody and getting them out of McHenry County?

What's the deal at the County Jail? What's the bed count now from rentals and ICE usage? Has he been successful in keeping the beds rented out for the income to meet the financing deal? Has he unloaded the top-heavy supervisor load and put more deputies out on the road? Has he eliminated the "special" units (small group of "elite" deputies with a supervisor)? Has he increased security in the courtrooms and hired able-bodied courtroom security officers, not left-over, over-weight, tired retirees (friends) from area departments?

Why is my attitude toward Prim what it is? It stems from a meet-and-greet for him when he was running in 2012, and he was rude to me because of his understanding of my views about militarization of the Sheriff's Department. He didn't ask me what my views were or why. His only comment to me was, "Oh, you're the guy who doesn't like militarization."

Is somebody going to run against Prim in the Republican Primary in February 2018? I hope so.

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Big Daddy said...

Sheriff Prim has done an outstanding job of running the Sheriffs Office in the short time he has been there. He has removed the dead weight that was there and replaced it with solid proven professionals such as former FBI Special Agent Ricardo Pagan who is in charge of the day to day street operations. The man that runs the jail, Dave Devane, was imported from Cook County where he ran the jail there and did an outstanding despite being hamstrung by the likes of Tom Dart and the political hack who preceded him. He also stole an administrator from another county who runs the clerical/administrative side of things internally for the MCSO. She has brought much needed reform to the way things have been done internally. As far as overweight and tired,retired cops working court security, I'd be careful there and give that a little more thought. The best copper I know who has been in more gun battles on the westside of Chicago and has sent more miscreants to meet their maker than most Marines in Baghdad have, is a very overweight copper who looks like he would have a h/a if he ran one block. I think that if you would sit down with Sheriff Prim and see all that he has done to improve the Sheriffs Office, you would become a supporter and instead of looking for things to attack him on you would recognize and applaud him for all that he has accomplished. Just sayin.