Monday, August 1, 2016

Read this vet's letter

This letter from U.S. Marine and Navy veteran Chris Mark deserves a tip of the hat. He takes off on Khizr Khan, father of deceased Capt. Humayun Khan The father took off on Donald Trump from the stage of the DNC.

Chris Mark is sensitive to the family's loss of their son, a man who, in my book, does deserve the Hero status.

Trump does run off at the mouth too often for my taste, but the bad taste left in my mouth at just the thought of Hillary Clinton and Bill anywhere near the White House is far, far worse.

And I won't waste my time reading whatever it was that John McCain had to say.

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Big Daddy said...

This is all political BS. Trump never attacked,said anything negative about the Captain. He never attacked his service. This is all political drama by the msm and the dems.