Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rules may be relaxed in certain GFZs

There are plenty of cautionary tales about standing and shooting from one position. Most trainers teach that the shooter needs to learn to move his feet. A moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one.

Having said that, most rangemasters get upset when, at an indoor range with those narrow booths, you move too much within your tiny enclosure.

We have some good indoor ranges here in the Columbia, S.C. area, and they don't cost an arm and a leg, either. Also, there are outdoor ranges somewhat nearby and plenty of private ranges, if you know the right people.

Next I'll be looking for tactical training. I have shot from behind barricades and from the prone position, but it has been a while. Well, more than a while. And I imagine I can use more practice with weak-hand shooting.

Along many South Carolina state highways are signs that indicate "Shooting - Private Range", so that passing motorists won't think they are coming under attack.

South Carolina is a gun-friendly state, even though the anti-gunners are constantly nibbling away at the legislators. We don't have open carry here, as they do in North Carolina and like Virginia and Wisconsin (and many other states) do.

And I've learned that on some important properties that are signed as gun-free zones (GFZ), the policing authority there doesn't take a Zero-Tolerance stand. One friendly (imagine that!) police chief told me that if you "accidentally" (meaning, unintentionally) carry a firearm into a GFZ building, just identify yourself to a guard and proceed to the police station's room (on that property) where you can lock your firearm in a locker, take the key and pick up your firearm on your way out. And that one can overlook the "Firearms Prohibited" signs at the property entrances; just leave your firearm in your locked vehicle.

It's possible that these variations in enforcement could exist in Illinois. If you'd like to know where, email me at

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Big Daddy said...

No Gus, these variations could never work in Illinois because the politicians and the msm have demonized guns to the extent that most people here are scared to death of them. They hold the gun accountable, not the criminal who used a gun to commit a crime.