Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vote Late and Vote Often

An e-mail from Mike Tryon this afternoon informs recipients that polls in McHenry County will remain open until 8:30PM.

So you know what that means.

Mike's message was, "Due to voting machine issues this morning across McHenry County, a judge has ordered that all McHenry County polling places remain open until 8:30PM. Please share this information with your friends."

Maybe Kathie Schultz shouldn't have retired. She had that voting thing down to a well-oiled machine (sort of hate to use that word here).

Tell all your Bernie and Hillary friends that the polls are closing early, and tell all your Republican friends to turn off their TVs and get to the polls.

I've been kidding a Bernie friend here in S.C. that the walls on her home will probably crack after my visit last week. I told her that I had such high respect for her that I left my white "Make America Great Again" cap in my car and didn't wear it into her home. She didn't even give me a hard time about my McHenry County Right to Carry Assn. t-shirt that I haven't worn out yet. Next time, I'll wear my NRA cap, too.

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