Saturday, March 19, 2016

Read Trump's book

I recommend Donald Trump's new book, Crippled America, to your reading.

Some women friends are telling me that Trump doesn't like women. I told one yesterday that Trump pays women and men equally for the same work. She was complaining that women earn less than men in the same job. Well, what do I know? Just what I had read in his book.

If a woman is qualified for the job, he'll put her in it and pay her.

The operative word here is "qualified".

Another argument that came up was that Trump is in favor of torture, and "all the Generals" know that torture doesn't work. Where did she get that? The news. Well, of course; the media only puts Generals (retired) on the air who will say that. Why doesn't CNN put a retired (or, better, an active-duty) General on the air who will say that torture might work.

My retort was if we capture ISIS' No. 2, we'd have every reason to believe he knows where the next target it, and it's okay with me to use every possible means to extract that information from him (or her). Playing "nice" means we lose.

And another argument was that Trump won't negotiate with world leaders like that nut in North Korea. Of course, Trump will negotiate. But he will be a tough negotiator, unlike Kerry or Obama.

See Trump's book at Arlene's bookstore on the Woodstock Square, Read Between the Lynes. If she doesn't have it, buy it on Amazon. Why should you pay a little more to buy it in person? Because, No. 1, you keep a local business in business! You're going to pay sales tax, anyway, because Amazon is going to send you a notice each year to report your online purchase on your Illinois tax return and pay the sales tax. You do report those purchases; right?

And moving detainees from Guantanamo to South Carolina? How can Obama ignore Federal law, which he even signed? I hate to think what he taught in a Constitutional Law class!

I have a slightly different answer for the tall wall between us and Mexico. Post a Patriot every 25 yards, well stocked with food, water, a long gun and plenty of ammo. Twelve hours on, 12 hours off. We wouldn't even have to make Mexico pay for it.

Make America Great Again!

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