Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bye-bye, Gerry

We all knew it was coming. It was only a matter of "when".

Rahm swung the hatchet at Chicago PD Superintendent Gerry McCarthy yesterday.

What did Gerry say on the way out the door? Will he say that Rahm told him not to release those damning police car dashcams that showed Laquan McDonald's being shot many times after the first round fired by Ofc. Jason Van Dyke knocked him down? Will he say when Rahm first knew of the videos and when he first saw them?

Will Gerry say why the videos weren't released sooner? Such as, shortly after receiving the first FOIA Request? Were the CPD and the City of Chicago ordered to release the videos by the Public Access Bureau of the Office of the Illinois Attorney General?

I was never a fan of McCarthy. It seemed to me that he always had had to be under Rahm's thumb.

No doubt that reducing crime in Chicago is a nearly impossible task. But it can be done. It won't get done by Rahm. Hopefully, the refusal of the City of Chicago (Rahm) to release those videos will haunt him right through the next election cycle. By then, Obama will be gone, so Rahm is not likely to have another job at the White House.

Go to and read what Eric Zorn and John Kass have written.


Big Daddy said...

You are right. It can be done but not under democratic rule. And maybe even not under Republican rule if you get a RINO. But the bottom line is this Gus. The VAST majority of violent crime in the city (other cities as well) is committed by blacks. Society does not want to hear that and until they come to accept that that is the reality and deal with it accordingly, nothing will change. The inmates now run the asylum. The firing of Garry McCarthy is proof of that. I seriously doubt that he had anything to do with this attempt coverup. That was committed by Rahm Emanuel and his band of fellow thugs. I will explain how it works in case you or your readers do not know. The CPD investigates this shooting. They then, if they believe that prosecution is warranted, contact Felony Review (a part of the CCSA) and turn the case over to them for review and guidance as far as charging and/or arrest. The CPD's role then is to await direction. And that's what happened in this case. The CCSA sat on this because the Democratic Party did not want this case and video to become public because it would hurt Rahms chance of re-election. This entire coverup is their doing, not Garry McCarthy or the CPD. But what gets me is the fact that the CCSA went along with it. They have the power to have an Officer of the Court (the CCSA) take part in this.THAT is astounding.
But it was Garry McCarthy that has become the scapecoat here. And while I am not a fanboy of Garry McCarty I think that is wrong. And I SHUDDER to think of who is replacement is going to be.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, thanks for your keen insight.

Right you are. The police department doesn't make the decision on charges. Alvarez does. And didn't. The HUGE question is Why. And you answered it. Politics.