Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Concealed Carry - how refreshing

Yesterday I had occasion to call the North Carolina State Highway Patrol with a question about concealed carry in North Carolina. My call was pleasantly answered, and I was re-directed to the Attorney General's Office, where I left a message.

A short time later I received a return call from a woman there, and she listened carefully and answered all my questions.  After explaining that I held a concealed-carry permit in South Carolina and had read the booklet from the N.C. Attorney General's office about concealed carry, I asked if there were any quirks that I ought to know about. I had heard something about the carrying of a loaded, concealed firearm by an out-of-state permitholder.

She answered my questions (no quirks) and spoke quite openly with me while keeping to the law itself. North Carolina also allows Open Carry.

I told her that I frequently travel by motorcycle and I was concerned that my holster might become visible under my jacket or extend below the bottom of the jacket, while I was riding. No problem.

The N.C. Attorney General's booklet even suggests to a motorist who gets stopped that he keep his hands on the steering wheel and inform an officer that he has a permit and is carrying, and then not to reach for his wallet without the approval or direction of the officer.

When I mentioned that I had lived in Illinois (Land of the Gun-Unfriendly), I think she understand why I was still a little gunshy (no pun intended).

A person carrying a firearm cannot create panic in the public. I mentioned the Madison 5 to her (remember those five men who were enjoying lunch at a Madison Culver's?). She said it would be up to the investigating officer but, if the permitholder is not creating a problem or a scene and is merely legally carrying his firearm, there should not be a problem. She added, "Just use common sense."

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Big Daddy said...

That's what's missing here-common sense