Sunday, August 4, 2013

An apology to Sen. Dan Kotowski

Yesterday I was all hot and bothered after reading the Illinois State Sen. Dan Kotowski plans to go for a law that will prohibit firearms in places of worship. I wrote here and I commented online to newspaper articles, and I also emailed Sen. Kotowski.

I wasn't very kind with my comments, although I hope my email to Sen. Kotowski was civil. Shortly after I emailed him, he called me.

He explained that he didn't intend to withdraw his proposal, because he believes that guns have no place in places of worship.

On that, I agree, and I told him so. My preference is that there would be no firearms in churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, etc.

At the same time I am concerned about any State prohibition. What defense does anyone in the congregation have, if a Bad Guy comes in shooting (or threatening to shoot)?

The members of the Sikh congregation in Milwaukee recently experienced that. So did members of a church in Colorado Springs, Colo. And there are other examples.

But what I had allowed myself to do was attack Dan as a person, because I was in strong disagreement with his views. That was wrong.

He has his reasons for believing as he does. I have mine, for believing as I do. Taking what I'll call "cheap shots" at him from behind my computer was not fair.

I am reminded now to argue with and about issues. I thought about deleting my previous article. I won't, but I'll append a message to direct any readers to this apology.

Dan, thanks for your call yesterday.

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