Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gun confiscation - almost here?

So you think gun confiscation isn't almost here?

Check out this story about a man whose son and friends used the wrong words at school and the awesome power of the Government swooped in.

This is exactly what law-abiding citizens must speak out about - now! We must make it clear to the school administrators, teachers, staff and districts that their liberal, gun-control thinking is no good for anybody. You think we don't have it right here in Woodstock School District 200?

The next school board meeting of the Woodstock (Ill.) School District 200 is Tuesday, April 9, 7:00PM at the Clay Street School building (now Clay Academy), 112 Grove Street.

Bring some articles (like this one (link)) to show the District's School Board and demand that they exercise common sense, when examining situations involving perceived threats. If a first-grader shows up with a half-inch plastic gun on his key ring, will he be suspended?


Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

When liberals say they are not going to take our guns, they are lying. Gun confiscation has already happened.

Posted elsewhere:

California 1989 passed the Roberti-Roos law that require mandatory registration of certain named "assault weapons." Possession prior to June 1, 1989 and registration prior to March 30, 1992 was grandfathered. January 1, 2000, California passed SB 23 ordering holders of one such rifle, the SKS Sporter, to be turned in to the state. Or be charged with a felony. Gun confiscation example 1.

New York City passed a gun registration ordinance for shotgun and rifles in 1967. NYC in 1991 banned the private possession of some semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and ‘registered’ owners had to turn them in or go to prison. Gun confiscation example 2.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the confiscation of all guns in 2005. Sent his cops house to house, disarming people trying to protect their homes after Katrina. Gun confiscation example 3.

Chicago passed gun registration in 1968. In 1982, Mayor Byrne closed registration of new handguns, bannning residents from owning handguns and requiring reregistration of grandfathered handguns. Gun confiscation example 4. This was the gun ban overturned in McDonald.

Liberals will use any pretext to cause guns to be confiscated. The Reid/Schumer bill in the Senate is a Trojan Horse to cause instant confiscation of guns when the liberals decide to do it.

As the above shows, liberal's goal is to confiscate all guns in America.

Big Daddy said...

The whole point of registration IS confiscation Gus. And for your more liberal readers, if you think I'm wrong, think about this. Cuomo had it in the intial draft of his first gun control bill, Missouri wanted it as well as a couple of other states that I can't remember right now. They all were told by wiser people that their gun control bills would not pass if it contained confiscation so they deleted that portion of their bills. But if you think they won't try again and again ........

Ray said...

Yes, it is all some evil plot to confiscate your guns, because that would work (said no sane person ever).