Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gov. Quinn is wrong - Tell him!

Our fearful governor
I am infuriated at Gov. Pat Quinn's statement in the Chicago Tribune that "It would be helpful to ... the people and the public safety of Illinois if that case (would) be reversed."

He is so wrong! The People want concealed carry. The politicians do not.

Quinn is recommending to Attorney General Lisa Madigan that she appeal the December decision of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which told the Great State of Illinois to get its butt in gear and enact a concealed carry law within 180 days; i.e., by early June.

Gov. Quinn is so out of touch with the People of Illinois that he ought to have his head examined. I wonder what he would have thought on February 2, had he been sitting in the townhall meeting of State Rep. Ken Dunkin and State Sen. Mattie Hunter in Chicago. The townhall wasn't in the War Zone, but it was near it, at 35th & State St. Over half the audience indicated it would apply for a concealed carry license. And that's on Chicago's near South Side. I'll bet that Dunkin and Hunter were surprised, if they were paying attention.

And I just called and told Gov. Quinn what I thought of his statement, through one of his "messengers" at the phone desk.

If you agree, dial 217.782.0244 right now and pile on. Of course, be nice and polite to the poor (figuratively speaking, only) person who gets stuck answering his phones. Too bad that Quinn doesn't answer the phone a few hours each week and hear directly from us!

Read today's article in the Chicago Tribune right here.

While you've got your hand on your phone, call AG Lisa Madigan (217.782.1090) and ask her to tell the legislature to stop fooling around and pass an equitable concealed-carry law. This means with "shall issue" and without pre-emption for Chicago or any other cities, towns, villages, burgs or wide-spots in the road. One law for all in Illinois! [The person who answers the phone may be in a hurry to get you off the line; don't let her hurry you. Ask to be transferred to someone who will take the time to record your message.]

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Big Daddy said...

I believe the Supreme Court refused to hear her case. But dn't get too cocky. A judge in NY just ruled against those that want to overturn NY's new gun laws. So who knows.