Monday, April 1, 2013

Call Sen. Kirk & Durbin today!

When was the last time that you called the office of Sen. Mark Kirk or Sen. Dick Durbin and asked for anything? Or let them know how you felt about anything?

Think that's a dime wasted?

Call today and tell them how you feel about the U.N. gun ban treaty. Do you think the U.N. should have any influence at all on domestic firearms issues in the United States? no, No, and NO.

Not only tell them how you feel, tell them that you want them to vote against every gun ban treaty or other nonsense like it, and then ask what the position is of your senator.

And remember it. Then follow up and find out how each one did vote on any such issue in the Senate.

Ask them to exert their influence on the Gun-Grabber-in-Chief in the Oval Office, who directs the U.S. Secretary of State (now, John Kerry) what to do.

Man, this country is headed downhill - fast!

Phone numbers in Washington?

Sen. Mark Kirk 202.224.2854 (Expect an enthusiastic voicemail message that promises his attention and response. Unfortunately, his office is not very good at responding as promised.)

Sen. Dick Durbin 202.224.2152 (I furnished my address at the beginning of the message I was leaving with a live aide in his office; however, when I asked for a response from his office (she said they have no public statement at this time - what baloney!), she had to ask for my address again, which made it clear that she had not noted it when I first gave it. Ha! Gotcha!) I was promised a response; we'll see...

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Big Daddy said...

Durbin voted yea, Kirk nay. That vote alone should tell you who the patriot is and who the traitor is.Enough said.