Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ill. Rep. Kelly Cassidy - a danger to Illiinois

Rep. Kelly Cassidy
An alert came this morning from the Illinois State Rifle Association. It concerns Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-14).

Yesterday she filed Amendment 1 to HB0831.

By now you probably know where to read pending legislation in the House. Go to  On the left side enter a bill number in the search box, and hit Go.

When you first look at HB0831, you'll think, "Ho-hum". No big deal; right? Name prisons as for adults or juveniles. ZZZZzzzzzzz.......

Wait! What is Amendment 1? A long, a very long diatribe about concealed carry. It's one of those sneak attacks that guts an original file (filed January 14, 2013, by Speaker Mike Madigan).

This is one of the things terribly wrong with Illinois. Representatives, or even the Speaker of the House, can put sleeper bills on the shelf, and then someone can run in and change the sheets completely. Amendment 1 has absolutely nothing to do with the original purpose of HB0831.

Rep. Cassidy's intention is to thwart the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. I suspect that many of her introductory "facts" are just plain wrong. They should not grow stature by merely being placed in an amendment to a bill.

If you read her bill (and it will take you plenty of time to read it and even more time to understand it), you'll realize that, if it passes, Illinois still will not have a decent concealed carry law. It will be almost like, if your name starts with A-Z and you are male or female, you won't be able to get a concealed-carry license!

Maybe Rep. Cassidy would like to invite all the gangbangers, felons, addicts, robbers, rapists, child molesters, registered sex offenders and other criminals over to her house for a party with her domestic partner and three children. Those are the people who, along with law-abiding citizens, who won't have concealed-carry licenses.

Rep. Kelly's District contact information:
5533 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 773.784.2002

State biography: LGBT rights activist and organizer; former legislative director for the National Organization for Women; former legislative aide to state Sen. John Cullerton; former Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Director of Programs and Development in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office; one of only two openly gay female legislators in General Assembly; has three children.

She has been an Illinois Representative since 2011. Do her constituents really know her?

Call your State Rep today and tell him/her to vote against HB0831 if/when it comes up for a vote. Ask your Rep to review this bill and to tell you how s/he will vote, if it comes up. Then watch carefully. Watch very, very carefully!

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