Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can cops get tickets for speeding?

Sure. The answer to that question is Yes. That is, they can. But do they? This one did.

Check out the award given in this case investigating news reporting. Sun Sentinel got recognized for a three-month study. How fast do some cops run? 90-130MPH, including off-duty runs (for donuts?).

A long chase of a cop heading for his off-duty job went viral on YouTube.com, and it's not the only one. 

From reason.com came this sentence: "A three-month Sun Sentinel investigation found almost 800 cops from a dozen agencies driving 90 to 130 mph on our highways."

And from the South Florida Sun Sentinel website came this: "The Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Monday won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its investigation of off-duty police officers who were endangering the lives of citizens."

Law-enforcement personnel should be the first to obey laws (all of them), not the last. 

Thanks to the Woodstock Advocate reader who sent this story to me.

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Big Daddy said...

You just had to sneak a donut joke in didn't ya