Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Why I Carry a Gun"

Read this well-written explanation by Col. (Dr.) Benjamin Findley (USAF (Ret.)) about his reasons for carrying a gun.

What if one or more of the customers in the spa in Wisconsin last week-end had had access to a concealed weapon? And Wisconsin allows both concealed- and open-carry.

Why wasn't the wife of the killer armed? Had she warned her co-workers that her husband might go off his rocker?

Should employees be armed in a workplace? Just routinely? How nervous will the "Nellie's" get, if they see guns? (That was proven last year in a Culver's in Madison, Wisc., when a woman diner called the police to report five armed men enjoying a meal in Culver's. She was asked and correctly informed the dispatcher that the men were not causing a problem. Then the cops showed up, and the cops became the problem. All charges levied against the five men were dropped.)

I like the banner that reads, Start Seeing Motorcycles".

Maybe there needs to be a banner that reads, "Start Seeing Guns".

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