Sunday, October 21, 2012

How long has Beth been gone? 129 weeks

Beth Bentley, then 41, vanished on May 23, 2010. That's 129 weeks. Without a trace.

When was the last time you read a media release from the family or the Woodstock Police Department about her? Six months? A year? Longer?

I believe that Beth did not voluntarily vanish. So, what happened to her?

Did she know something that someone did not want talked about? What could that have been?

When she supposedly left for a week-end getaway with her co-worker, friend and financial beneficiary, Jennifer Wyatt, Beth reportedly took only summer clothing for the few days away. She was not known to take a large sum of cash with her. Her primary phone and credit cards reportedly show no usage since that May 23.

Beth apparently told her husband, Scott Bentley, that Jenn and she were going to Wisconsin. However, Beth rented a car and supposedly Jenn and she drove to Mount Vernon, Ill. on the night of May 20, 2010. Did they? Three people know. Jenn knows. Brothers Ryan and Nathan Ridge know. They know because supposedly Beth and Jenn showed up at their house in Mount Vernon after 330 miles of driving.

The cell phone records of Beth, Jenn, and Ryan are very revealing. There is a story there from the pattern of phone calls and text messages. And the frequency of calls at unusual times. Example: why were there so many attempts by Jenn to reach Ryan on Sunday morning, almost like she was in a panic to reach him?

And from the absence of calls. You'd think there would have been calls late that Thursday night, as Beth and Jenn drove to meet Ryan and Nathan.

Some have suggested that they all had other phones. Those throw-away phones. Pre-paid phones. Think so?

And what's the story with Beth's camera? In whose possession was that camera? For how long? Why? Did the police get a chance to examine it and view the images from that camera? Where is the camera now?

Somebody is going to break one of these days. There are people who know what happened to Beth. Even now is not too late for increasing pressure on them to reveal more about what they know.

Did any patterns change? Did anyone leave Woodstock? Whose time could not be accounted for on that week-end? Who missed work? Anyone get a ticket between Woodstock and Mount Vernon that week-end that would establish their location?

The Woodstock (Ill.) Police Department may still be the lead investigating agency. Chief Lowen said quite awhile back that the Illinois State Police was involved. FOIA requests were denied, citing an ongoing investigation. Wyatt was arrested earlier this year on two felony charges related to Beth's disappearance, and then her case was through out. I wonder if there is still an "ongoing investigation" in this Missing Person case, as Woodstock Police still call it.

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