Monday, October 22, 2012

Before you vote ...

The threat to freedoms in the USA is real. Every day we read about the drug cartels invading the USA. Fast-and-Furious is "old" news now, but it still belongs on the front page of U.S. newspapers.

Look at the pictures of the fire power that the "bad guys" have. Maybe, instead of buying a Glock .40 or a Colt .45, we should all be buying AK-47s.

Who is trying to weaken the U.S.A?
Barack Obama?
Hillary Clinton?
Eric Holder?

Before you vote in the November 6 General Election, visit and watch the five short videos there.

There's another, a compilation of the five, that can be viewed here:

Watch those short videos before you vote. If you don't watch all of them, at least watch some of them.

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