Sunday, October 7, 2012

Overboard on "customer service"

I like Dan Rutherford, Illinois State Treasurer. He's a good guy and responsible about holding down expenses.

Having said that, I wonder why he is going "overboard" on customer service with the traveling dog-and-pony show from his office to tell people about the I-Cash program.

Is it really necessary to send employees to Woodstock and to come himself to give a little speech on Thursday? Or to any other town around the state?

If a person reads in the Northwest Herald that Treasurer Rutherford and staff will be at the McHenry County Administration Building, could they not just telephone his office to ask if the State has some of their unclaimed money? Sure they could!

The news article said that Illinois is sitting on $19,052,222 that belongs to 99,345 people believed to be McHenry County residents.

Ninety-nine thousand? The population of McHenry County is only 308,944 (2011). I am supposed to believe that the State of Illinois is holding unclaimed money for 32% of McHenry County residents?

In addition to $1.600,000,000 (count all the zeroes! That's Billion, not million), the State has pounced on Illinois safe deposit boxes "that have been inactive for at least five years." What does "inactive" mean? Not paid for, or just not accessed? It had better mean "not paid for". Why not ask the banks why they were so lazy about staying in contact with safe deposit box renters?

Is Illinois sitting on some of your money? Visit and chase down the I-Cash link.

Can't figure that out or don't have a computer (how could you be reading this?)? Call 217.785.6998 or email

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