Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beth Bentley gone - 121 weeks now

How many more weeks will pass without at least some word of progress in the investigation of "missing person" Beth Bentley, who vanished on or about May 23, 2010? Is there anyone left who thinks this is still a missing person case?

Did treating this case as a missing person case delay efforts to find Beth? Is this classification hindering progess now? Is there really any "investigation" in a missing person case? Are there on-going interviews with persons close to Beth? Family? Friends? Co-workers? Acquaintances? Drinking buddies? The Posse?

What about reports of a "medical condition" that might have resulted in her being classified as an "endangered" missing person by the Woodstock P.D.? The police have never revealed what caused this classification. If Beth was under medical treatment or if her doctor knew about a medical condition and might have taken blood samples for lab work, could DNA have been traced from those samples? Is it too late to do that now?

What about analysis of all the telephone records of Beth and friendds? Have the police ever dug into the calls to and from Beth's phone and into the calls of those who called her and whom she called? Is there a pattern there that would lead to finding her? There are at least three people who should know all about the week-end of her disappearance. Supposedly, Beth and her friend, Jennifer Wyatt-Paplham, drove to Mount Vernon, Ill. late on the night of May 20, 2010. Supposedly, they arrived at and stayed with brothers, Ryan and Nathan Ridge.

Supposedly, the Illinois State Police is involved. Have investigators talked to all there? How do their stories match up now, two years later? If everyone is telling the truth, the stories won't change much. If they aren't, then changes in the stories should lead investigators closer to finding Beth.

I've always thought that Beth's father would be able to provide important information. Do the police know what he knows? He might not consider what he knows as very important, but it could be. For example, why was his birthday dinner postponed? Who postponed it? Who re-scheduled it? Was it re-set for the Sunday that Beth may have disappeared, May 23, 2010? Did Beth just not show up for it?

Did anyone call him and tell him Beth was out-of-town? Who called and when? Isn't it highly unlikely that a daughter would blow off her father's birthday celebration for a girls' week-end away? If Beth did call her husband on that Sunday at 4:00PM (was it only a two-minute cell phone call?), was there any conversation about the dinner with her father?

In missing person cases, police often make frequent announcements and solicit involvement of the community. Why has this not happened in this case?


Karen30036 said...

This is the strangest "missing person" case I have ever seen. Let's be honest here, Beth was murdered. There are a few that know exactly who, what, where, when, how, and why. Until evidence is found, or someone can't live with this anymore and do what's right, Beth will be forgotten. This is what they hope, that was the plan.

Jill in StL said...

If people spent a little time watching Discovery Investigative Channel, you could see just how many missing persons there are in this country right now and the length of time it takes the majority of these cases to ever be solved - 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, even over 20 years or more....It is a fact of life - a very sad, unfortunate fact of life. I even watched a repeat of one of those shows the other night that featured former Detective Rosenthal - the case of two missing teens who were later found dead.

The family is trying to get more media coverage - I know this to be a fact. Most of these efforts fail unfortunately. But, I do know that family members speak with the investigative team VERY, VERY frequently. They cannot speak to what they have been told about the investigation - they would run the risk of interfering with a police investigation.

If your readers want to do something to help, why don't they try doing what I've been doing for over 2 years now - emailing every single television program that covers missing people cases - Nancy Grace, several of the shows like Disappeared on the ID Channel, Beth Holloway's program on missing persons, etc.. - Type up a standard plea, compile email addresses, and send them out daily. I've been doing that every single day for over 2 years - RARELY do I ever hear anything back from any of them and when I do, it's usually just a standard computer-generated reply. But, at least it's something. Maybe if more people started pushing Beth's case to the media outlets, it would help. Why no response? Maybe it's because there are almost 200,000 missing persons in the United States alone according to the FBI. 200,000 families trying to get someone to listen to them, to tell their stories on television, etc.... How many TV programs are there specifically just for missing persons, maybe 10-15 at the most? I've often thought that there should be one channel specifically just for missing persons cases. Discovery's ID Channel does a good job at trying to cover as many cases as possible through their limited missing persons programs, but with statistics like this, they cannot cover them all - they pick and choose. Beth's family and friends HAVE tried, have written, and have spoken on the phone to numerous media outlets. They don't owe anyone an explanation regarding what attempts have been made, but I know they are trying still to this date. Besides for your blog, Gus, how many media outlets and programs have you personally contacted? Do you do it daily, weekly, monthly? Provide a list for us please! Or better yet, why don't you spend some time coming up with a mega-list of media outlets and programs to contact, publish them on your blog, and then get your readers to start writing them daily. Do something constructive besides this blog! Just a thought!

Gus said...

Jill, thank you for your comment.

Personally, I believe the police should give very little, if any, confidential information to any family member, in any missing person case. What would happen if a family member were involved? It would be like assigning the fox to guard the hen house.

You may have heard the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Your efforts to gain media attention are not working. An auto-reply to an email is nothing.

Jill in StL said...

Well, how astute of you, Gus, to realize that my efforts aren't working? How about a bunch of people instead of one person writing/contacting? I find you are so readily available to point out all the mistakes or "lack of trying" that you think the family is responsible for, yet where is the action plan? The police don't tell the family anything of substance, but they ARE trying to maintain an open line of communication between LE and them. I'm not understanding why you constantly feel they aren't doing enough. This case is a cold case - they are doing everything they possibly can to find their Mom/brother/daughter. It just hurts my heart that Beth's son constantly feels under attack and criticized that he's not doing enough, when he is trying his best.

Gus said...

Jill, the police work for the public, not for the Bentley family. The police are not telling the family anything that cannot be said to the public. Others and I have been ready to help an organized search or investigation. There hasn't been one.