Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crystal Lake - smart move

The Crystal Lake City Council dodged a vote last night on the proposed ordinance to begin decriminalizing marijuana there.

Many thanks to the common sense of Mayor Shepley and Council members Cathy Ferguson and for voting to kill that proposal. Thumbs down to Council members Dawson, Thorsen, Brady-Mueller and Schofield. What were they thinking of?

How is that police chiefs are now putting themselves out front on laws? It's the People who make the laws. The cops are there to enforce them. Did Police Chief David Linder dream up that scheme on his own, or was he told to do it?

If the ordinance had passed (or, more likely, when it does pass, it will mean a revenue boon to Crystal Lake. Violations ("tickets") will cost the violator (formerly known as the "offender") $500-1,000. The money will be sucked up through the administrative adjudication court, meaning 100% of it stays in Crystal Lake.

Remember Woodstock Police Chief Robert Lowen's vehicle impoundment law recommendation on January 3, 2012, two days after a state law became effective allowing Woodstock to rip vehicles away from their drivers and hold them for $500 ransom? I believe that Chief Lowen didn't write that January 3 letter to the City Manager, for the City Council. I'm sure he writes good letters, but my money is on the City's law firm as the creator of the letter. And he thought they might impound 50 vehicles in a year, raising $25,000. Ha-ha... They left that $25,000 figure in the dust.

Read Cal Skinner's article about the drug law change in Crystal Lake. It's on the McHenry County Blog and Paul Greenlee's long letter opposing the pot law. Also, read Cal's article after last night's meeting.

All those who want stoned drivers in Crystal Lake, speak up now. Come on, Chief Linder. Enforce the law, and stay out of the revenue-generating game.

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