Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's official - Pavlins win $300,000

The McHenry County Blog publishes today a copy of the settlement between Mr. and Mrs. Pavlin and the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Named in the lawsuit as Defendants were the
County of McHenry,
Sheriff Keith Nygren,
Deputy Jeremy Bruketta,
Deputy Kyle Mandernack,
Deputy Trevor Vogel,
Deputy Christopher Jones,
Deputy Ryan Lambert,
Deputy Greg Pyle, and
Deputy David Shepherd.

To my knowledge Cal Skinner was the first to reveal that the deputies inside the Pavlin home had gone upstairs. This was after their son was taken into custody and removed from their home.

The Pavlins had ordered the deputies to leave, and the deputies refused. The Pavlins called the Crystal Lake Police Department for help - for protection against the Sheriff's Department.

Be sure to check out the links to the Chicago Tribune story by Bob McCoppin.

Mrs. Pavlin was awarded $200,000, and Mr. Pavlin was awarded $100,000.

And it probably cost the $500,000 to fight it. The County will say it "only" cost $100,000, because that's the deductible before the risk management firm takes it on the chin for the balance. Sure can't wait to find out what the cost of "risk management" is next year and where the County Board will bury that premium. Ain't nothing free, laddies.

The  suit charged
  • False Arrest,
  • Excessive Force,
  • Failure to Intervene,
  • Illegal Search of Home,
  • Civil Conspiracy and
  • Malicious Prosecution
Of course, the Sheriff's Department and its deputies admit no wrong. Of course.

And this is just one of many cases against the Sheriff's Department.

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room362 said...

It's great to see the NWH on top of things... The Trib had this story out at 9 am