Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perfect reason for MCSD crash inv. unit

Recently I was told that the traffic crash investigation unit of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department was being disbanded.

The investigation into the July 1 double-fatal crash that killed Alec Kaiser and Jacob Norys is a perfect example of why this unit should remain staffed and as a viable entity of the Sheriff's Department. Without the manpower to investigate, it is likely that Daniel Huber would have escaped charges. Instead, today he was charged with aggravated street racing and failure to report a fatal traffic crash.

I've heard some rumors as to why the traffic unit is being disbanded. One was that the fatal crash rate was dropping in McHenry County. Well, tell that to principals and students at the high schools, both public and private, in Woodstock.

Next rumor? I'm holding off on this one until I can get more information. If it's true, then the Illinois State Police and the Attorney General's office, and maybe the FBI, ought to descend on the Sheriff's Department.

Deputies have learned that they can depend on my discretion. I do not reveal sources. In fact, had Judge Mahoney not granted my request to quash the subpoena from the sheriff's law firm in the civil rights case involving Zane Seipler, I was prepared to refuse the identification of anyone, even if it meant jail.

I was hoping not to have to follow the example that a court made Judith Miller, a New York Times reporter, in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. I think she was jailed for 85 days for refusing to divulge sources. My hope was that Judge Mahoney would allow me to remove my car from hourly parking in the garage across from the Federal courts building in Rockford.

The best way to contact me is by telephone. This means no written record. Next best is by U.S. Mail. If you want me to destroy your letter after you send it, just say so.

So, Deputies, help me with some information. Why is the traffic unit being cut?

I understand your fears of retribution and retaliation, if you get caught talking to me. MCSD will never learn from me that you have contacted me.


Mike said...

McHenry County Sheriff' s management sounds a lot like Will County's. Go after any disenters. These days, it is vital that a deprtment The size of McHenry County have either a unit to investigate these crashes or at the very least some of their detectives trained to do so if the need arises. As I know from experience these investigations can, especially from a scene investigation point of view, be every bit as complicated as any homicide the dept will ever work. If anyone there wants to sispute this I would be more than willing to have that debate.

Gus said...

Crime scene investigation by the MCSD is about to go front-and-center.

The investigation of this crash revealed the apparently involvement of "Potatoe", to whom the last phone call from made from the driver's cell phone. The crash time has to be approximate: 2:02AM. The last cell phone call was at 1:58AM.

Potatoe knows whether the driver, Kaiser, or the passenger, Norys, called him. And the cell phone records will show the length of the call. Was the line open when the crash occurred?

It is shocking that the Woodstock Police records do not have anything in writing from the officer in the unmarked squad car.