Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feldkamp estates losing executor?

The game of Musical Chairs for the executor in the Estates of Jack and Audrey Feldkamp appears to be continuing. On September 6 Judge Chmiel will hear a Motion to Withdraw.

According to paperwork on file with the Court, Attorney Howard Rigsby may be withdrawing as executor for both estates. The original executor for both estates was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Feldkamp, Scott Feldkamp. He opened his mother's probate about one week after the deaths on June 7, 2011. He opened his father's probate in July 2011.

The first attorneys, Schmitt & Filler, of Marengo, withdrew as counsel for the executor (Scott) on August 30, 2011. Scott was terminated as executor by Judge Chmiel recently, and Jackie Feldkamp, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Feldkamp, was appointed as successor executor.

About two weeks later, Judge Chmiel removed her and appointed Attorney Rigsby. I can just imagine the mess that estate records and assets might be in. Unfortunately, I won't be able to be in court on September 6 to hear the reasoning and arguments and Judge Chmiel's decision for a Third Successor Executor.

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DColley said...

I can't imagine most attorneys would want to touch this nightmare with a ten foot pole.
However, I have my fingers crossed that the next appointment is someone with experience bringing criminal charges...