Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can't be true!!! Leist has an MCSD car?

A commenter on McHenry County Blog posted the following comment to Cal's article that Jim Harrison is already throwing his hat in the ring for the November 2014 election for McHenry County Sheriff.

"ZS Supporter says:
08/02/2012 at 10:46 am
"(Jim Harrison's) Publicly saying he would get rid of Leist and the EEO position is a great start.

"Reduce the budget and pension responsibilities in one stroke, freeing up $90,000 a year and a company car. (According to sources Leist is driving a Mercedes that was seized in a drug raid.)..."

What's that? EEO "officer" Don Leist has got a take-home car? And it's a Mercedes?"

1. What does Don Leist need a take-home car for? He is a civilian employee of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. He rides a desk all day. He won't ever have to turn out in the middle of the night for an emergency call. He's an office employee, a paper-pusher. Why in the world would he ever have a take-home car?

2. Why would he ever get a take-home car that was a vehicle seized in a drug raid?

Aren't those vehicles supposed to be used in dedicated service? In very restricted use, since they were, in effect, confiscated? Like maybe as undercover cars to catch more drug dealers?

Is this what Sheriff Nygren and Undersheriff Zinke are condoning?

I'll tell you what we need up here in McHenry County. We need that 27-year-old newspaper editor from Covington, Kentucky (she is in Oregon now) and that 20-year-old college student to come up here and sharpen their teeth on what is going on at our sheriff's department!


Anonymous said...

Don't seized vehicles get auctioned off? Maybe Leist bought it.
If I tried to auction off my rustbucket, I bet I'd get a opened half bottle of MD20/20 for it! DOH!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of things to detest about Leist, but I can assure you that the claim he has a county Benz is completely false. It is a legitimate question, though, as to why the Sheriff's Department EEOC officer shows up to most county meetings and talks and acts like the Sheriff's private attorney--despite the State's Attorney's office (the Sheriff's actual attorney per statute)--usually being in the same room.

Gus said...

Yes, I've wondered that, although I see him only at the Merit Commission meetings, because I don't attend others.

But he blows in with gusto, takes over, is on a familiar basis with Commissioners, sits at the Commissioners' table without invitation (or challenge), throws in his 2-cents' worth instead of keeping quiet, etc., etc.

And Janelle lets him get away with it.

Mike said...

Not always. They can also be used as department vehicles.

Mike said...

This doesnt surprise me. I worked for Will County. They had a girl there who was in charge of the in car computers. She had a car with Sheriff's plates to take home. Of corse she was related(daughter) of a big contributor to the Sheriff's campaign.