Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beth Bentley - 120 weeks gone...

Beth Bentley has been missing now for 120 weeks, and it seems that Woodstock Police are no closer to finding her, or finding out what happened to her, than they were on May 24, 2010.

One of Beth's sons sent a long comment to last week's article that was published on August 12. Scroll down to read it, or search for "Bentley" on this site. It is not too late for interested parties to band together and take a fresh, thorough look at this missing-person case. Rather than back-biting and sharp-shooting, an in-depth investigation could be commenced by members of the family and limited public involvement.

I suggest limited public involvement in order to be as certain as possible that anyone involved in her disappearance not become a party to results of a new investigation. Yes, some noses would get out of joint when people were excluded. So be it.

Perhaps the family does know what the police have been doing. Only they know what they know. I suspect that the Woodstock Police have remained close-lipped, and my guess is that they have revealed little about any investigation that they have made.

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