Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Send a foursome to Murder Park

Recently I wrote (somewhere) that I thought three influential (in their own minds, at least) men in Chicago ought to pay a visit to "Murder Park" in south Chicago some Saturday night. You know ... go and see for themselves what all the hubbub is about. Why are so many people getting killed there?

Oh, and go without police escort... Whom did I suggest? Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel, The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Fr. Pfleger.

Now I'd like to suggest a fourth. Add Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and just make it a foursome. Oh, and still no bodyguards. No swarm of Illinois State Police troopers. Just the four guys. You know ... Men's Night Out.

Why add Quinn? He earned fourth place with his stupid, knee-jerk reaction to the Colorado shooting massacre by gutting an ammunition sales bill of Illinois Senator David Leuchtefeld (R-58 (District office in Okawville, Ill.)). Quinn wants to prohibit the manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of "semiautomatic assault weapons", according to an anti-gun Associate Press reporter, Sophia Tareen.

Quinn must not even understand what an "assault" weapon is. Or perhaps he, like many in Illinois, wish to think that just because a rifle looks like an assault (fully-automatic) rifle, then it is one.

Some reporter in a different article thought he was making a big deal that James Holmes had a weapon that he could fire 50-60 times/minute. Heck, I've got a weapon I can fire 50-60 times/minute, if I have enough spare, loaded clips and can reload fast enough. Holmes did not have an "assault" weapon; he had a semi-automatic weapon that was an assault-style weapon.

But maybe it's a good idea for Emanuel, Quinn, Jackson and Pfleger not to go to Murder Park. The criminals with the illegally-possessed guns might go crazier and pop off some rounds at those guys, instead of picking on the kids in the 'hood.

By the way, where's Okawville? Off I-64, halfway between St. Louis and Mt. Vernon.

Is it SB3521 that Quinn gutted? If so, it may that the Senate Bill isn't going anywhere, anyway. Sen. Leuchtefeld was the original and the only sponsor of the Bill. En Garde, Gentlemen!


Maverick50 said...

There are shootings in Chicago are every night. Some deaths, but mostly random shootings in the back, leg, arm…ect.
Here is some “Food for Thought”!”
Could the anti-gunners pay some local gang members to shoot randomly to reinforce their Anti-Gun agenda? It would be a win-win situation. Anti-gunners win there stance and gangs have and open field of unarmed victims.

Mike said...

This isnt likely to happen but it would be entertaining.