Friday, August 3, 2012

Has anyone seen Sheriff Nygren?

The Northwest Herald said "...Nygren said" in its August 3rd article about a man who removed a court-ordered electronic monitoring device.

But did Sheriff Keith Nygren say it?

On the Media Releases section of the sheriff's website there is information about this incident and arrest. As has been usual for the past several months, the sheriff's typewritten name is at the bottom of the media release. The sheriff's signature is not there. Nor is there a signature or initials of any other Sheriff's Department employee.

Thus, it is impossible to identify who wrote and who approved the media release.

If you read the newspaper article, you would think that Nygren was at his desk or on his phone and told an unnamed reporter that such-and-such had occurred. And you would likely be wrong. The newspaper apparently received a copy of the media release and wrote its article from that release.

Surely, there must be something in the expensive CALEA Manual that dictates how media releases are to be handled and how they are to be attributed. The employee issuing the media release needs to be identified. If Nygren's name is to be used, then a designated person at the sheriff's office should be authorized to initial the release and make it "official".

An unsigned media release is no proof that Nygren was at work, earning his $12,000+/month paycheck.

How many weeks' (months'!) vacation has Sheriff Nygren taken this year?

(Editor's note (12:25PM): I've been told that Nygren was in the Department and spoke directly with a Northwest Herald reporter.)

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