Sunday, August 5, 2012

Illinois legislators - concealed carry now!

When will Illinois legislators get the message that law-abiding residents need concealed carry now?

Would injuries and fatalities have been fewer in Aurora, Colo., if the Aurora 16 Theater hadn't been a Gun-Free Zone?

Would injuries and fatalities have been fewer, if someone in the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisc. had been armed (as was a churchgoer in Colorado a year or two ago). Probably a Sikh would not carry a firearm into his place of worship. He might not carry a firearm at all, but that's his choice. But perhaps a visitor might have been armed and able to step forward?

If I showed up as a guest next Sunday, carrying openly as allowed under Wisconsin law, would the congregation feel safer or be alarmed. In order to avoid the problem of the law-abiding, armed man in Colorado at a movie theater after the Aurora, Colo. shooting, I'd call first to introduce myself and say that I would be armed.

In Wisconsin I have to carry my sidearm in the open. I cannot carry it concealed, although I probably could if Illinois issued concealed-carry permits and if I had one. On the other hand, it might be that my current concealed-carry permit might be valid in Wisconsin. I'll be sure to check before I go, and even that is no guarantee that the cop may not know the law as well as I shall.

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Mike said...

As long as the Czar, I'm sorry, Mayor of Chicago and the rest of the Chicago Democrats have the power that they do over state government I don't see it ever happening here.