Monday, August 6, 2012

Customer for life

Sometimes, even when you are completely satisfied with a product, after a period of time you might begin to wonder whether there is a product that's a little lower in price.

Shortly after I bought my motorcycle in 1999, I put a Mustang seat on it.. It was pricey, but after a 2,000-mile trip, I was sold! I had read the testimonials in the Mustang catalog, and I figured they were all written by family members. No seat could be that good; right? The Mustang seat is that good.

Riding 250 miles on the stock Honda seat was a challenge. After putting on the Mustang seat, I rode to St. Louis (300 miles), then to Kansas City (250 miles), and then to Boulder, Colo. I remember that day! All 660 miles of it. When I pulled in at 10:00PM, I felt like I could have ridden at least another mile or two!

On the way back I had a 704-mile day, and my longest day since then was 800 miles back from Atlanta. I'll tell you - that's a long day at the speed limits.

When I asked Mustang about the best treatment to preserve the seat, they told me Protect All, and I ordered a can without asking the price. Now, it wasn't all that expensive, but it was more than the product on the shelf at the local automotive stores. I used it, and I have bought it twice since. Yesterday, when it wouldn't spray, even though it felt like half a can left, I looked at the price and shook my head. I think I bought it 2-3 years ago, and I wondered where the pressure had gone.

Instead of tossing the can, I called the company this morning at the toll-free number right on the can. When I explained the problem to Ken, he suggested I removed the plastic nozzle and run warm water over it. I had done that earlier and it hadn't worked, but I did it again - this time with hot water. When I re-inserted the nozzle, I had a full-pressure spray! Ken's advice was accurate, helpful and friendly. Thanks, Ken.

The seat on my motorcycle looks brand new, even though it has had 12 years of use and 70,000 miles of sitting on it.

If you are looking for a spray to polish, wax, treat and protect your motorcycle, car, boat, RV or even plane, I recommend Protect All. When I bought my last 6 oz. can, the tab was $6.95. You won't be disappointed.


Justin said...

For once we AGREE...mark it on the calendar.

I have been using ProtectAll for 20years. Best product on the market. I put one base coat of sealer wax such as Maguires or Mothers. Each subsequent wax is a quickie using the protect all. I buy it by the half gallon bottle and put it in a pump spray bottle. Apply, rub a little with clean cloth, wait and the haze comes of easy. I do an entire car in 10-15 minutes and the shine is great.

My friends with Corvettes prefer it to most polish as it is so mild and quick.

It is great for the dashboard / seats / also plastic parts. My friends in aviation swear by it and say it works great on plastic windscreens and the exterior in general.

Gus said...

Thanks for your comment, Concerned C.

Do you also use Rain-X? It's a great safety material on a windshield, making it possible to drive in very hard rain without using wipers. Not easy to apply, but worth the elbow grease.

Justin said...

yup..I've used RainX for years and rain just blows off the window. Seldom need to turn on the wipers. I find it easy to use. Spray it on, circular wipes with soft towel. Let ry 10 minutes and wipe it off. I carry a bottle in the trunk.

Gus said...

Notice to readers: don't use Rain-X on plexiglass, like motorcycle windshields.