Thursday, August 16, 2012

Decision on Nygren

From Annapolis, Md., where it's sunny, hot and clear, and the air is clean. Not like in McHenry County this week. What should residents of McHenry County do about Keith Nygren?

Do you believe him when he says that he didn't pay Greg Pyle after suspending him WITH PAY in January? Pyle was put on paid administrative leave after being arrested on ten felony charges.

Does McHenry County still have a County Auditor?

Nygren would have had to take Pyle's case to the Merit Commission to impose a discipline of more than 30 days. Presumably, an unpaid suspension would be that type of discipline, and the matter would have been public, since the Merit Commission is a "public body". But Nygren didn't.

In seven months he didn't. Does anyone believe that in ten years Greg Pyle never took a vacation? Who did he go to Europe with? Did he just run over to Europe on his day's off? Really?

So now Nygren tells us that it was a coincidence that the FBI charged Pyle when Pyle's vacation and benefits ran out. And how it was all arranged in advance that Pyle would resign when his pay and benefits ran out. Does Nygren think everybody in McHenry County is stupid?

And it appears that Nygren is going to "let" Pyle resign, instead of firing him. This is the Sheriff of McHenry County, folks. Why did he take such a soft line on Pyle? Where was the outrage at the embarrassment to the Sheriff's Department and the County?

And why did Undersheriff Zinke call out SWAT and MARV to go and arrest a sex offender recently, when they didn't do that to nab Pyle? They knew Pyle had guns. Why was Pyle allowed to turn himself in, giving him time for a float test for a couple of pieces of computer equipment? Is that what the FBI used to start their investigation of Pyle?

I heard the major media are clamoring for a Q&A session with Nygren. Gee, I hope they take their gas masks with them. They will need them.

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Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

There is the Chicago Way and then the McHenry County Way...or are they both the same. I don't think anyone cares in McHenry County except a handful of people.