Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wisc. teachers headed for jail?

Will some Wisconsin teachers be headed for jail for following a State law?

The Wisconsin state legislature apparently mandated certain instruction in sex-education classes. A Wisconsin D.A. says they'll be prosecuted if they follow the law.

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Juneau County (Wisc.) Scott Southworth is rattling his saber at teachers. Where in the world is Juneau County? It's northwest of the Wisconsin Dells, if you are curious. Southworth contends that if teachers teach students about safe sex and then a student goes out and does the dirty deed with a child, then the teacher is going to be charged with a crime. Or even if the student doesn't do the crime with a child.

A message on the Juneau County website at this time reads: "Juneau County employees cannot receive voicemails because of a problem with the phone system. Please be patient as we are trying to correct this problem."

Suppose callers are trying to reach D.A. Southworth?

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