Friday, April 30, 2010

Undersheriff's compensation package?

I wonder if Andy Zinke knows yet how much he will be paid for taking on the #2 spot at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

When his promotion was announced, it seems to me that the sheriff said Zinke's pay hadn't been determined yet. Yeah, right...

The sheriff has to know what he's got in the budget for the Undersheriff job. He knew what he could offer Zinke. And Zinke certainly wouldn't accept a promotion without knowing what his pay was going to be. Would he?

How many months between now and November 2 will Keith Nygren be in Cape Coral and in Minocqua? Yes, he is entitled to vacation time - based on his years in office as Sheriff, not based on his 38 (or is it 42?) years in law enforcement. He started a new job, when he left Crystal Lake and moved over to 2200 N. Seminary Ave. And the length of his vacation time should have started over.

It is only recently that County residents have become aware that he might have been taking excessive vacation time and running his office "by cell phone."

I do hear, though, that some employees like it better when he's gone. Is that right?

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Amos said...

Andy Zinke's honeymoon was the shortest one since Mickey Rooney married Ava Gardner. But I digress. Gus, you are right on this one. It is simply preposterous to think that Easy Andy did not know what he was getting into when he accepted the spot as our Undersheriff. For a guy whose "fingerprints are all over every major investigation of the last couple of years", one would assume Zinke would have looked into, or at least asked and been told, what his package would be. Some investigator. But maybe Andy is one of those fellows who takes a big job with immense responsibilities based only upon a title and business card, rather than assuring the compensation matches the task. In business we know that type as a 'chump'. So, Sheriff Nygren, will it be the same as Lowery's package? More? Less? But maybe Easy Andy doesn't care, maybe he's just the Barney Fife that some of the Officers in the MCSO say he is - just Keith's lapdog. Well, we all know that's one big lap to fill... When Keith told us that he never realized just how much he had relied on Andy for the past few years, it made me first wonder: why not? A good boss knows his people and exactly what they do and what their value is to his organization. On the other hand, a weak boss tweets and twitters his day away hoping nothing will hit the fan while he fishes, then one day realizes "Hey! I'm lucky that Andy was at work. Excuse me, my cell phone is ringing". Its a good story, Gus, but should come as no surprise to anyone who has been watching Nygren chip and dent his way through life. I can see it now: ZINKE FOR SHERIFF - CARRY ON THE LEGACY. Once again, we get stuck with the tab - a fool's wages.