Friday, December 18, 2009

Heroin in McHenry County

The Daily Herald ( has an important article today about efforts of a mother whose 19-year-old son died in 2007 from heroin use. She has had a large billboard installed on Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling that features her efforts to identify and halt heroin use.

What is the incidence of heroin use in McHenry County?
By teens?
By adults?

Do you know someone who uses heroin? Where does s/he get it?

Do you suspect that someone you know is using heroin? What are you doing about it? Just waiting for the funeral?

Go to and click through the pictures. As you do so, think about your own kids and the kids you know. This week-end, today, now, you could make a difference in a kid's life by asking him or her about heroin use, either by him or by someone he knows.

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Another Lawyer said...

If I had to guess, and I do, I would say heroin use is relatively high in our area.

But I also guess that heroin use is part of an "advoidance" response to something in someone's life. It is the same as using alcohol, other drugs or religion. It rarely ends well.