Thursday, December 10, 2009

EFT - does it work?

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique...

EFT is a method of releasing emotional fear/feelings by tapping with two fingers on various energy points on your face, body and hand.

Does it work? You bet it works, and right now.

Several years ago I accompanied a child to an out-patient procedure at the Woodstock hospital. When he was told the nurse would insert a needle in his hand for an I.V., he went ballistic. I mean, you could almost see the contrails as he headed into space. He was so upset that the nurses were preparing to tell the doctor to cancel the procedure and re-schedule it.

I intervened and asked the nurses to give me a minute with him. All I said to him, quietly, was, "Look, we're here and the doctor has reserved this time just for you. Can I show you how not to be upset?"

He agreed and, with the nurses watching, I tapped on his face, on two energy points on his torso, and on his hand. In less than two minutes, he held out his hand to one of the nurses and said, "Okay, you can put the needle in now."

Tuesday night I was talking on the phone with a 70-year-old man in Washington. He was to have an MRI on Wednesday and he said that he was terrified. When he had an MRI in 1998 after he broke his leg in a very minor motorcycle accident, he said the MRI was a fearful experience for him. He's a guy who has flown planes upside-down (intentionally), done rockclimbing, ropes courses, white-water rafting, and other experiential exercises that are 'way outside the box.

I explained EFT to him and taught him how to do it right over the phone. As he followed my instructions and tapped on his own body, I tapped for his benefit on my own face and hands. Wednesday morning before the time for his MRI, I tapped again for him.

I called him yesterday afternoon, and he said he had breezed right through the MRI. His experience yesterday was completely different than the 1998 experience.

Gary Craig did a demonstration at a veterans hospital in California and helped a number of vets overcome their PTSD. Gary also worked with a 50-year-old man who had always been afraid of water. Within 45 minutes the man was in the deep end of a swimming pool. He still couldn't swim, of course, but his fear of water was totally gone.

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Whitmore2 said...

Actually, anyone can learn EFT on Youtube. They don't need to contact you.

Gus said...

There's a better place than YouTube.

A person could probably learn to do brain surgery on YouTube, too. All he'll need is a mirror and a couple of sharp knives.

Whitmore2 said...

No, a person cannot learn brain surgery on YouTube. But you can learn EFT there.

Gus said...

For the person serious about studying and learning EFT, one of the best websites is There is considerably more to EFT than "just" tapping. Hours of study and practice are needed to utilize EFT correctly and effectively.

Debra said...

Cool. I am a always fascinated by these things. Acupressure, etc. I will visit this site and thanks Gus for the info. :)

Another Lawyer said...

Problem is ... a fourth grader debunked some of this "interesting pseudo science"

And who said our schools are bad?

Gus said...

Emily Rosa's efforts were not directed at EFT.