Tuesday, December 15, 2009

City Council meeting co-chaired by 8th Grader

Tonight's Woodstock City Council meeting was competently co-chaired by Graham Ellinghausen, an 8th Grade student from Creekside Middle School. Mayor Sager introduced him and explained that Graham has been studying state and local government, including the county and townships.
Graham kept the Council and audience on track and read quickly and clearly the rules by which this meeting would be conducted, and he also assisted with other segments of the meeting.
Mayor Sager is safe in his role as Mayor. After the meeting, I spoke with City Manager Tim Clifton and City Attorney Rich Flood to ask the minimum age for Mayor. I thought it might be 21, but they told me it's 18.
Let's see, if Graham is in 8th Grade, that would make him about 14.
When is the next election for Mayor? I think you're still safe, Mayor.

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