Friday, December 18, 2009

End legislative pork?

Check out HB 4720. It's a start; maybe... or just ink wasted on paper.

Woodstock's State Rep. Jack Franks filed a bill yesterday to eliminate pensions for newly-elected Illinois State representatives and senators. Think it has a snowball's chance in that hot place of passing?

But read the whole article in this morning's Northwest Herald. Take your blood pressure medication first.

State lawmakers can retire at age 62 with four years of service. WHAT? Many Illinois residents are working past age 65, just to try to make ends meet. And I use the word "try" advisedly, because that's what they are doing. They are "trying" to make ends meet - trying as hard as they can, and not making it.

No wonder people run for office at age 56! Scarf up some pork by age 62. And just how much is the representative's retirement pay, if he retires at age 62 with four years of service? That part was conveniently left out of the article. No use inciting riots during the week before Christmas.

And the lawbreaker (err, lawmaker) who can get in eight years? He can retire at age 55 AND get health insurance.

Well, maybe there will be a riot this week.

In Illinois we have CUB - the Citizens Utility Board.

Maybe we now need the Citizens' Legislative Usefulness Board. Oh, wait. We have that. We just don't use it. It's also called the ballot!

Did Jack just buy his own hangman's rope? According to the NWH, he hopes teachers and other government employees will follow suit.

Right! And I hope Santa will bring me a winning Lottery ticket. Actually, I've got the better chance.

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